The Growing Cannabis Market

cannabis market

Since the legality of consuming cannabis products has spread across the US, it’s quickly turning into a booming industry. Both medical and recreational marijuana use is becoming more widespread, and CBD oil is rising as a great treatment option for people who don’t want the psychoactive effects of THC. Some economists have estimated that cannabis oils could see a 700% growth in sales by 2020. That’s a huge growth rate, and now is a great time to support the cannabis market. Let’s take a closer look at why investors are all about cannabis products right now.

Capitalizing on the Power of CBD

The cannabis market has seen a large boom over the past decade, partly due to the growing body of research that praises its medicinal properties for a wide range of illnesses. CBD is one of more than 85 types of cannabinoids found in both hemp and marijuana, but it has been found to have particularly effective properties in reducing pain and anxiety and treating several other conditions, such as seizures.

Many cannabinoids connect to receptors in our bodies and provide a euphoric sensation, transfer the feeling of pain, or have other effects. This includes THC as well as some cannabinoids (called endocannabinoids) that are naturally produced within our bodies. On the other hand, CBD actually inhibits the connection of other cannabinoids to these receptors, reducing their effectiveness. This results in the dulling of pain and other symptoms.

Because of the growing knowledge that CBD is useful, many companies are sprouting up and creating a wide variety of products containing different levels of CBD in different forms. From concentrated oil that can be vaped to ointments for the skin, products containing CBD can be purchased to help treat many conditions. Since there are so many types of products with different levels and purity of CBD (and THC), customers have a huge range of products to choose from. This gives businesses a lot of flexibility in sales options, allowing them to either specialize in particular types of products or sell a little bit of everything.

What Investors See in the Cannabis Market

As more states begin the legalization process for the widespread use of cannabis, investors are jumping at the chance to get in on this market while it’s still fresh. Right now, businesses can be built from the ground up in a particular state or even expand into online sales that span the entire country. Since hemp-based CBD oil is legal to consume in all 50 states, it provides a huge potential market for these products. Brick and mortar stores are popping up to sell products down the street, doctors are prescribing CBD oil for medical issues, and there’s an increasing curiosity about just how well this compound works. If investors jump in with the right timing in the right location, this can be a lucrative business venture.

A major factor for these products is that the cannabis market isn’t just a fad that will die down after a few years. In fact, it’s most likely going to get bigger for a long time, as the stigma fades away and the support grows. One state at a time, the cannabis market is an increasingly important venture, and those who get involved now are laying the groundwork for their own businesses along with the market as a whole.

One state at a time, the cannabis market is an increasingly important venture, and those who get involved now are laying the groundwork for their own businesses along with the market as a whole. Click To Tweet

Expanding the Cannabis Market

Along with the legalization of cannabis comes unique and interesting ways to expand the market to more than just vape oil and pills. Not only are there a wide variety of conditions that can be treated with CBD, but there are also lots of different of ways to purchase it. For example, there’s a growing market for health and wellness CBD products for pets. And if you’re not interested in consuming your CBD in oil form, there are tons of other products on the market, from lattes to candles! This is only the beginning, as people find more and more ways to distribute CBD across the US.

With the cannabis market growing at a record pace along with its acceptance nationally, it will be fascinating to watch as this trend unfolds in the coming years. As new research comes out to support medical treatment, new products will be invented, manufactured, and dispersed. What an exciting time for cannabis users and distributors alike!