Incorporating CBD into a Healthy Lifestyle

healthy lifestyle

From sleep disorders to epilepsy, CBD oil can help treat many health issues, but can it also provide benefits for people who don’t suffer from chronic conditions? When it comes to staying healthy and working out, there are a lot of supplements, diets, treatments, and fads floating around. Some of them work great, while others don’t provide anything more than a placebo effect. However, when it comes to a healthy lifestyle and your fitness goals, CBD really can make a difference. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the ways that CBD oil can enhance your healthy lifestyle and keep you feeling great!

Speed Up Muscle Recovery

A good workout will leave your muscles feeling overworked, tired, and sore. When your muscles are sore after exercising, it’s usually a sign that you’re developing more muscle strength. Although this is a good kind of pain, it doesn’t mean that you have to walk around with extremely achy thighs after every leg day. CBD is well known to treat soreness, since it inhibits our bodies’ system of sending pain signals to the brain through the endocannabinoid system.

Another problem that often arises when working out and playing sports is inflammation and tension of the muscles and joints. This will leave you with constant pain that has nothing to do with your growing muscle strength. If inflammation persists for too long, it can lead to long-term problems for your joints. This is a situation that can be eased with a good CBD supplement. CBD oil reduces inflammation, which can help speed up the healing process of that area and get you back on the move in no time.

Improve Sleep Patterns

If you’re not getting enough sleep (or not sleeping deeply enough), you won’t wake up with enough energy to function throughout the day. This is an even bigger problem if you have a strenuous job and/or need to fit in regular workouts. Your body needs good, deep sleep to function properly throughout the day, both mentally and physically. Fatigue will keep you from exercising as well, a lack of sleep will keep your muscles from resting properly, and the mental strain is bad for concentration. In addition to these problems, sleeping poorly can lead to unwanted weight gain over time.

When it comes to mild sleep problems, natural remedies are a great option to try before resorting to stronger pharmaceuticals. CBD is one such natural aid that improves sleep habits. How? CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, which helps regulate many parts of the body’s systems, including sleep. Taking CBD at night will help you feel drowsy and fall into a deeper sleep. It has been shown to alleviate daytime drowsiness when taken as a nighttime sleep aid. If you’re suffering from sleeplessness due to your workout schedule (or just in general), you should try taking a CBD supplement at night. You might be surprised by how quickly it gets you back on a good sleep schedule and how much that improves your healthy lifestyle.

CBD and Weight Loss

While more research is needed to prove CBD’s effectiveness as a weight loss supplement, initial studies have shown that the regular use of CBD provides an increase in a person’s metabolism. CBD stimulates the number and activity of mitochondria in our cells, which break down body fat by stimulating fat-oxidizing proteins. This also slows the development of fat cells by reducing fat cell generation. If you’re looking to lose a few stubborn pounds, it could help to incorporate a CBD supplement into your everyday routine.

More than Just CBD

Many people living a healthy lifestyle utilize some extra supplements to help them achieve the results they desire. If you take a look at House of Oilworx’s full-spectrum CBD supplements, you’ll find more than just cannabidiol. For example, our 25mg Gelcap with Curcumin is great for active lifestyles and recovering from injury. Curcumin supplementation has been found to reduce post-exercise inflammation and muscle damage, improving recovery after a hard workout. It can also reduce muscle atrophy during periods of deloading. Since both CBD and curcumin provide relief from inflammation and improve the healing process, to have them in one pill is a phenomenal option for your daily routine!

Another amazing product for soothing sore muscles and joints is our 250mg CBD beeswax balm. This balm provides relief from pain and inflammation with its winning combination of phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil, beeswax, and lavender and eucalyptus essential oils.

Adding either of these CBD products into your daily routine will give you the boost you need to take your healthy lifestyle to the next level and speed up recovery!

Full-Spectrum CBD

Another way that House of Oilworx products are a step above the rest when it comes to CBD is that all of our products are full spectrum. Many other companies sell CBD that has been isolated from the other compounds found in the cannabis plant, but our products have only removed the psychoactive component, THC. All the other cannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids that are found in Cannabis sativa are preserved in our extraction process, leading to a product that takes advantage of everything the plant has to offer. These compounds work together to provide an entourage effect that improves the effects when compared to isolated CBD. If you’re looking to incorporate CBD into your active lifestyle, full-spectrum products will give you the best results.

CBD has many uses for people who suffer from chronic conditions, but it can also help in other ways for those who want to improve their health in general. Click To Tweet

CBD has many uses for people who suffer from chronic conditions, but it can also help in other ways for those who want to improve their health in general. From relieving muscle pain to improving your sleep patterns, CBD can greatly benefit your healthy lifestyle and can even help you kick it up a notch!