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Finding high-quality CBD oil can be frustrating and confusing. Most first-time buyers become overwhelmed with information about cost and strength, only to end up ordering CBD oil from a company that produces inferior products. When it comes to shopping and identifying high-quality, effective CBD oil, an ounce of knowledge can lead you to quality products. Let us help educate and guide you in finding the best oil possible!

Currently, CBD oil can be found in an overwhelming amount of places. There are gas stations, vape shops, wholesale markets, and big box online companies all stating that they sell great products, which isn't always the case — especially when it comes to CBD oil. The main reason for this is that there are no regulations as to what a company can call CBD oil. Simply put, a few drops of CBD oil added to a bucket of any other base oil, such as avocado, corn, canola, or even olive oil, can be packaged and labeled as CBD oil. You could also end up purchasing oil harvested from hemp that’s deficient in cannabinoids and terpenes, the active compounds you want from your CBD oil.

How is CBD Oil Made?

When choosing a CBD oil, one of the most important things to consider is how the product was made. Knowing a bit about how CBD oil should be made can help you determine a source for a high-quality product of the type that’s going to do you the most good. The major questions to consider when choosing an oil are as follows:

Is the product made by adding cheap, low-quality CBD paste to an oil base? Or is it actually a high-quality, full-spectrum, CBD-rich oil that’s extracted from a potent strain of CBD-rich hemp? Does it include the original mix of beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes?

CBD oil is derived from industrial hemp, however not all hemp is created equally. High-quality CBD oil starts with high-quality hemp. You should never purchase oil made from industrial hemp grown in Europe or Asia, as this hemp is grown to produce fibers and seeds for manufacturing, not the rich cannabinoids and terpenes found in high-quality CBD oil.

Industrial hemp is grown in fields packed plant-to-plant, growing up to 15 feet tall with spindly stalks and tiny flowers only at the very top of the plant. For hemp fiber, this particular plant needs to be harvested before it flowers. If the purpose is to produce seeds, it will not produce any cannabinoids, leading to no CBD.

In order to produce a product that’s rich in these beneficial compounds, you need to start with a strain of CBD-rich hemp that’s been cultivated to produce bountiful, resinous flower clusters — not seeds or fibers. Hemp grown and harvested for CBD-rich extraction is grown in pots or small plots (think square-foot gardening). This plant looks more like a bush and produces buds rich in cannabinoids and terpenes.  CBD-rich hemp plants look and smell like marijuana and grown in the same way. Plants of this caliber produce anywhere from ten to twenty percent CBD and other cannabinoids and are very high in terpenes compared to industrial hemp. This is the hemp you want to be used for producing your high-quality CBD oil.

How Hemp is Refined to Produce CBD

Once these CBD-rich plants are ready to harvest, they go through a 4-step process to extract and refine the plant into CBD oil:

  1. Extraction of raw hemp extract. This first extraction produces a raw hemp extract full of cannabinoids and terpenes found naturally within the plant. At this point, the product has a strong, unpleasant taste and comes with many unwanted impurities, such as wax and chlorophyll. Additional filtering needs to take place.
  2. Filtration of unwanted solids and chlorophyll. Once these unwanted properties are extracted, the oil has a more palatable flavor.
  3. Further distillation concentrates the oil, creating a true, full-spectrum CBD oil. Even further distillation can isolate the CBD, but this extreme distillation creates a pure CBD isolate, robbing the oil of full-spectrum benefits.
  4. Full spectrum CBD oil is produced by taking a more refined product and combining it with an oil base, such as hemp seed oil, grape seed oil, or MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oil. It still contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes and can be formulated to produce a consistent potency.

House of Oilworx CBD oil goes through an additional process to increase its effectiveness - nanoemulsion encapsulation. This gives our product a higher bioavailability, meaning that the CBD and other compounds can enter your bloodstream more easily, making it an ideal CBD oil.

Broad-Spectrum CBD vs Full-Spectrum CBD

CBD isolate is made by adding refined CBD to an oil base. It lacks any of the additional beneficial essential oils, cannabinoids, or terpenes produced by the hemp plant and does not produce an entourage effect. Multiple cannabinoids and terpenes can be added to these products to create what is known as “broad-spectrum” CBD oil. Don’t let this confuse you. This is not full-spectrum CBD oil. It’s an unnatural product made with highly refined ingredients.

Full-spectrum products, such as those sold by House of Oilworx, contain a range of beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes, each of which contains its own healing properties. Click To Tweet

Full-spectrum products, such as those sold by House of Oilworx, contain a range of beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes, each of which contains its own healing properties. Broad-spectrum oils that are made from CBD isolate cannot contain the wide variety of cannabinoids and terpenes found in full-spectrum oils. Why would you deny yourself the benefits of all of the additional active compounds and isolate only one? For a broad-spectrum product, why isolate the CBD, taking away all of the active compounds and terpenes, only to add them back in? Why create a highly processed product when a superior natural one already exists?

No THC in House of Oilworx Products

If a company does not brag about its products being THC-free, then there’s a good chance that there’s a small amount of THC in them that could show up in a blood test. Why do some companies leave small traces of THC? Because it’s expensive to remove the THC completely. Any company that spends the extra money to remove THC is going to promote its products as being full-spectrum products with zero THC.

In order to provide our customers with the most benefits, the CBD oil used in all House of Oilworx products is full-spectrum and contains zero THC. If you do not want THC in your CBD, make sure the company you choose states that its products don’t have THC and backs up its claims with visible lab reports. When looking for CBD oil, do your research to ensure that you get the best quality product available!