It is an exciting time to be in this space, being able to provide all of you premium CBD products. While it is an exicitng space to be in, it is also a very delicate and complicated space. We at House of Oilworx are dedicated to keeping up to date with Federal changes as they occur. At this time, the new Safe Banking Act, is in full force and no longer protects Hemp related products containing CBD. This means that CBD products are now shifting back into a High Risk catergory for all banks.

What does this mean for you?

As of May 15th, we will no longer be allowed to accept credit cards online until regulations change. We are uncertain how long this will last so please be patient.

Can you still order?

Of course! We will be able to process all orders online using ACH methods direct from your bank. You will be asked to enter your bank account and routing number, or, you will be able to call in your orderto receive direct interaction as well as consultations.

Phone orders: 612.440.7060 will be available Monday – Saturday 11AM – 5 PM CST

House of Oilworx will never see, hold or release your account information under any circumstances. Each time you purchase you will need to re-enter your account number.

Woman making payment through credit card in restaurant