Be Still – 10 Sachet Full Spectrum CBD Box


Be Still is the ultimate chill-inducer. Caffeine-free and and blended with sleep-inducing herbs like lavender and chamomile, you’ll quickly find this tea will become a key part of your evening wind-down routine. Just in case those organic sleep-aids weren’t enough to do the trick, we added Colorado-grown hemp flower, filled with natural CBD and terpenes to ensure maximal relaxation. Each sachet contains 50mg of CBD.

Our ten-count boxes of Be Still are perfect for travelers and homebodies alike. Whether you’re an executive sleeping in a hotel or a student crashing on a friend’s couch, this tea blend will put your mind at ease–plus, they don’t snore. Kick back, pour yourself a mug of Be Still, and feel the weight of the world drift away with the floral-scented steam.

Why you’ll love Be Still:

  • Comes in our recycled boxes, because we care about you and the planet
  • Be Still is like a meditation, yoga class, and day at the spa, fit into 12 ounces of hot water
  • Our herbalist handpicked the herbs in this blend to maximize the relaxing effects of the CBD

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Product Description

Steeping Instructions

SW tea sachet
One sachet makes ~16oz of tea
steep temperature
185°F water for hot tea
add fat
Add 1 tsp fat to activate CBD
steep time
Steep for 2-4 minutes
smiling sun
Enjoy your tea hot or over ice


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