Turn On – 10 Sachet Full Spectrum CBD Box


While most think CBD is best for sleep and relaxation, there are ample studies indicating that hemp, CBD, and other naturally occurring cannabinoids work to enhance the effects of whatever else you consume along with it. That’s why we made Turn On, our signature good-morning blend. We added 50mg of CBD hemp flower to organic pu’erh tea and nibs of ginger root. With pu’erhs natural caffeine and the anti-inflammatory benefits of ginger, the CBD works alongside these herbal adaptogens to provide the perfect AM buzz to keep you going.

The best part? Turn On is also delicious. We took the best ingredients from classic chai tea and added our own twist: nettle and peppercorn. These all-organic herbs were handpicked for their subtle spice and depth of flavor. The fragrant steam coming off a piping hot mug of Turn On is pure radiance.

Why you’ll love Turn On:

  • Comes in our recycled boxes, perfect for a weekend camping
  • The addition of milk (any kind will do) not only activates the CBD, but also transforms this tea into a creamy morning-desert
  • The sarsaparilla in Turn On acts as as synergist with other herbs, helping to increase the absorption of CBD

An Invigorating Spiced Chai Tea

Turn On is made with all natural and organic Ingredients, is vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free. 12 tea sachets in each tin. 600mg of full-spectrum hemp flower (~600mg of CBD) in each container. 50mg CBD per serving. Our tea sachets are plant-based and compostable.


Ginger, Cinnamon, Pu’erh Tea, CBD Hemp Flower, Sarsaparilla, Fennel, Nettle, Peppercorn

This product contains 100% Colorado-grown hemp, tested by the Colorado Department of Agriculture along with third party laboratories and verified to contain < 0.3% THC-Δ9

Sky Wyatt Comprehensive CBD Testing

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Product Description

Steeping Instructions

SW tea sachet
One sachet makes ~16oz of tea
steep temperature
185°F water for hot tea
add fat
Add 1 tsp fat to activate CBD
steep time
Steep for 2-4 minutes
smiling sun
Enjoy your tea hot or over ice


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